I loft you !

I loft you !
I loft you ! C'est dans cet ancien couvent, puis Musée des Enfants, reconverti en lofts, que nous habitons...

mercredi 11 mai 2011

SmithCommons, H Street... great street !

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  1. Not exactly what I expected... after having read the article in Washington DC magazine, I was expecting a much more cosy place, especially for celebrating a birthday !

    The food is much above average, quite creative. The little salted cake to make us wait was delicious. Would be better served with a tasty olive oil rather that mayo though !!! The oysters were better than usual here in DC. We asked the sauce (vinegar and shallots) to be served separately. My starter, tartare of tuna fish, was very good, and very well presented on the plate. Gerard's starter, soft shell crab tempura style, was delicious. His main, veal cheeks, with wild mushrooms and mashed potatoes, was great too. Mine was also very unusual : tiger praws and chorizo, the combination was quite interesting and nicely presented too !

    The restaurant itself is very casual : no tablecloths. The clients were most of them very casually dressed too (shorts and T-Shirts). Most of them were having a burger as entrée ! The music was rather loud...

    Our waiter was nice and caring. The wine list is fine.

    No lobster on the menu, as stated in the Washington DC Magazine review.

    Overall, much better than Cacao definitely, we will go there again for sure ! Prices are like everywhere. The tables on the terrace upstairs would have been great for the restaurant : they are for cocktails and drinks only.

    On the way, we noticed the Atlas Room which looked nicer, but it was already closed on our way back (not that we were ready to have another meal there !!!) The H Street is getting better and better, we walked back home, the whole street was nice and quiet.